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(Procedures for Determining Racing Sailing Groups) 


These procedures apply to the Sunfish racers as needed. At the beginning of the season in September, all sailors who plan to race in each series should communicate with both race and Fleet Captains of one’s intent.

The Sunfish Captain and Statistician will assign each racer to one of the following three racing groups:

  • Luffers – Sailors new to the fleet with little or no sailing/racing experience in the type of boat they are sailing. 

  • Salts – Sailors with some racing experience and general knowledge of racing rules. 

  • Super Salts – Sailors with a fair amount of racing experience and a good understanding of racing rules.

Sailors may remain in the same group for several seasons, or they may move back and forth among groups. An attempt is made to keep the number of active racers in each group equal. There are several variables that determine which group a sailor is assigned to each season.


They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • performance throughout the previous racing seasons (based on an individual’s race history and not solely on the final standings for a season)

  • number of racers needed for each group to achieve a good balance.

The list will be available for general review prior to the first race of the season. Any challenges will be heard between the first and second race dates of the season by the Sunfish Captain. 

*Fall Series will have the ITS Division. Winter series this division will be combined into the Luffer division.

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