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Introduction to Sailing

The Luffing Lassies host a two-part Introduction to Sailing Course each September.

                                               Sailing is a physical activity.

Basic fitness and agility are essential to:

  • Pull the 130—lb. Sunfish from a storage rack and roll it up and down the beach slope to launch and return it.​

  • Quickly crouch into a squat, duck under a moving boom, and move from side to side of the boat.


  • Swim comfortably for at least 100 yards unassisted


  • Pull yourself from deep water onto your boat in the event of a capsize.

ITS picture

Posture in a Sunfish

The Lassies teach the Introduction to Sailing course in the single handed One Design boat called a Sunfish. In this video, you can see how you would sit in the boat.

LL Sunfish pic.jpg

Introduction to Racing

The second week of the course is all about how to race a sailboat. The Luffing Lassies meet each Thursday throughout the school year to race their boats against each other.

You will learn The Racing Rules of Sailing according to US Sailing.

LL Sunfish pic.jpg
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