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Our Fleets


New Luffing Lassies skipper a Sunfish while learning to sail in the annual Introduction to Sailing program. A 14-foot dinghy class, one-person sailboat, the Sunfish is recognized worldwide as a valuable teaching boat that adapts to all skill levels, strengths and ages. The Lassies own and maintain 15 pre-owned Sunfish that make up the training fleet. Because the Lassies’ Sunfish fleet is available only for first year instruction, Lassies are encouraged to purchase their own boats after their freshman year. Sailing the Lassies-owned Sunfish, they learn not only how to rig, sail and race but how to care for and maintain a seaworthy boat.


In order to provide a two-person sailing experience to members, the Luffing Lassies rent 420’s from the Sarasota Youth Sailing Program which also sails from the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  The 4.2-meter, two-person boat has a mainsail, jib and optional spinnaker thus making teamwork crucial to successful sailing.  Lassies can learn to sail a 420 and race along with the rest of the fleet.  The annual Florida Women’s Sailing Association Championship Regatta is often raced in 420’s.  And here’s proof that our sailing program works: Lassies have won this regatta several times and currently hold the First Place Trophy.

Hobie Wave

A small, dinghy class training boat, the stable Clearwater pram is sailed solo. Three Prams are maintained by the Lassies for use at the annual Lilly Kaighin Memorial Regatta. The Lassies began their sailing journey sailing in the Pram. It is a time-honored tradition to salute our Founder Lilly Kaighin in a Pram at her Memorial Regatta held in November.

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